About Us


To enable good health in emerging market countries by delivering the most effective pharmaceutical products into the hands of every single person in need.


To understand and support the pharmaceutical needs in emerging market countries.

To partner customers in the creation of their products to provide fit-for-purpose pharmaceutical packaging solutions for distribution in emerging market countries.

Fit-for-purpose packaging solutions

In an environment that challenges pharmaceutical clients to strike a balance between cost and quality, Verux™ offers a fit-for-purpose packaging solution. Verux™ partners with clients to design, develop and commercialize a portfolio of fit-for-purpose products at optimal quality and affordability for emerging markets, with the goal of reducing non-conforming end products.

For pharmaceutical companies looking for quality and affordable drug packaging and delivery systems for distribution in emerging markets, we provide fit-for-purpose solutions.

Delivering quality and security with the 5Q checks

Amidst growing demand for quality pharmaceutical packaging components in the emerging markets, pharmaceutical manufacturers must define fit-for-purpose quality.

Verux™ seals are produced under stringent processes and control that meet the 5Quality (5Q) checks.